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AB Account and Income Tax Services offers various income tax services so you have little to worry about when that April deadline comes along.

E-file: We can file your tax returns electronically using a computer, software, and electronic communication. It is a fast, accurate, safe and paperless way to file a return and you get your refund in half the usual time - ever faster and safer with Direct Deposit. If there is a balance due, you can e-file and e-pay in a single step.

Get Your Refund in 10 Days or Less: Use Direct Deposit or e-Collect by Partner Bank (Deduct Fee from refund).

Your Tax Refund has already been transferred from the IRS to our partner Bank you can check the status of your refund online here: http://www.efile.com/my-tax-refund-money/ Otherwise, your tax refund will be transferred fron the US Treasury/IRS to the Bank account you entered during your online tax preparation on efile.com. You can check your Tax Refund status here: http://efile.com/my-tax-refund-status/

Find out how to: track your state tax refund status.

Direct Deposit: Have your refund automatically deposited into any bank account without having to wait for your check in the mail.

Electronic Payments: Pay your taxes automatically and electronically with little hassle.

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Who we are
We are a private company founded in June 2004 and our founder has more than 15 years of experience.

We offer a wide range of financial solutions and services dealing with corporate and partnership tax, personal income tax and bookkeeping.

Tax Tip
If you think your tax deduction for charitable contributions ends when you drop that box of clothing off at the Salvation Army, think again. You may be cheating yourself.

The Internal Revenue Service allows several different ways to take tax advantage of your goodwill.

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